Pregnacy Support Body Girdle, No Legs (10044)


  • Pregnacy Support
  • Body Girdle
  • Posture Corrector that helps reduce back pain.
    Abdominal support that helps carry the weight of theabdomen.
    Flat seams prevent marking on outer clothing.
    Protects the skin from tearing decreasing theappearance of stretch marks.
    Your support system reduces the compression of blood vessels preventing the swelling of the legs.
    You can use the band without affecting your baby as thekind of pressure is moderate and only puts pressure onthe legs and back helping to maintain upright posture of the spine.
    In the part of the abdomen is covered with lycra elasticthat expands while the abdomen grows.
    Components with micro capsules of Vitamin E to providesoothing, invigorating, cell regeneration and protects theskin from premature aging.

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Weight 1 lbs
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